Xenophobia: Nigerians Are Worse Than South Africans – Mr Hyenana



Mr. Hyenana blasted Nigerians over the recent attacks which went sour recently in some parts nigeria

Reacting to unfair act Mr Hyenena blasted Nigerians that destroyed  stores owned by fellow Nigerians.


He also said  that some of the people  attacked some foreigners at Jakande area of Lagos state, and also forcefully hijacked mobiles belonging to innocent Nigerians

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he futherly said “I saw this hoodlum beating the 3 foreigners at Jakande, they forcely took properties from several people


This is unacceptable , these fools don’t even know what Xenophobia attack is all about. Note: This is Exactly what the Devil wants, Lets Pray for God to see is through this situation

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He stated:


“Nigerians Are Worse than South Africans hightime… Now we beginning to harm oursleves ,… Una hear say South africans they harm eachother? Or them dey burn them Citizens properties? SHOPRITE comprises of many shops owned by nigerians.

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