“Homosexualism Is an Africa factor, Europeans Didn’t Bring It” – Jidenna

“Homosexuality Is An Africa factor

Singer Jidenna has declared that Homosexualism has continuously existed in Africa and a part of its culture, not one thing that was foreign by Europeans.

The US singer of Nigerian origin created this glorious in AN interview saying:

“The whole concept that Black folks, and our tradition to be Black… You hear these African leaders WHO are wearing three-piece suits, got AN iPhone, speaking in English and not their native tongue are speech, ‘it’s unafrican to be homosexual, it’s unafrican… we tend to don’t have it. That was brought as a ecu import.’ It’s not true. It’s not true the least bit.”

He added:

“You got Uganda, the dominion of state at the time… Before Uganda, there was AN brazenly gay king. If you attend Zimbabwe… the bushmen as they decision them, you’ll see homosexual acts within the Cape paintings. If you attend totally different communities in Africa, there was totally different rights of passage wherever if a girl was with a woman, or a person was with a man, they were thought to be lawn mower powerful. There was ne’er a time wherever this didn’t exist, or wherever it absolutely was simply handily that homosexuals were wrong. That’s not actual AN African factor, which implies it’s not a Black factor.”

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Speaking on Maurice Willoughby aka Reese WHO committed suicide when he was hangdog for qualitative analysis a transgender ladies, Jidenna said:

“So, what’s a remote import is really the thought that this is often somehow wrong. That what Reese is doing is wrong. That’s the reality. That’s actual history. Y’all will google it. you’ll look it up. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up. To me, if you perceive that, if you grew up knowing that, then you’re not gonna have those guys on the road bullying him. Then perhaps he doesn’t kill, then perhaps he doesn’t beat her, as a result of he’s beating himself within.”

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He continuing by referencing lyrics from his song “The alternative Half”.

“And that’s what I say in ‘The spouse.’ I said,’ I pray for my n***as extant the pen. Demons taking my friends, boys pretense they’re men. B**** don’t f*** up my zen. My homie told Pine Tree State you desecrated a body and shorty that place me on ten. She solicitation Pine Tree State currently to feature it to the list of feelings I gotta detain. Ain’t that the foundation of the drama? however we tend to simply lock up the trauma? Fighting at intervals, fighting while not, fighting, divide it, and conquer.’”

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He added,

“Hurt folks hurt people. after you see men symptom ladies or trans folks, or themselves, it’s as a result of we tend to don’t savvy to specific that each one. And I’m still learning that day by day. Right now, I even have the thinnest mask I have ever worn in my life and it feels nice. I feel liberated.”

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